In 2003, TASS was awarded a small contract to perform a flight test evaluation at Edwards AFB in the Test Operations Squadron. Since this small contract, TASS has logged nearly 1000 accident free hours in support of flight test and operational missions. Our customers include the largest names in the industry: U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, General Dynamics, Lockheed, NASA, DARPA, as well as many private industries.

TASS Pilots

Our pilot’s experiences range from supersonic fighter pilots, test pilots, helicopter pilots and highly experienced sea plane pilots. The best pilot will be provided for the specific aircraft and mission. Proficiency and currency is paramount for providing quality pilots prior to mission support and is a must to ensure safety and overall success.


Teton Aviation Support Services is a U.S. Government Contractor that provides an impressive array of services to the U.S. Military, Defense Contracts and to aviation industries. Our assortment of aircraft and professional support personnel are capable of providing support for a wide variety of high demand missions.

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